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Posted by zeakster on August 5, 2008

republicans have been linked to the evil oil companies. beholden i have no idea how you lefties would have to explain that one. and evil? explain that one too.

so my question is how is the democratic party not being vilified for being beholden to the green companies? is there a difference? oil hasnt destroyed our economy but the greenies sure are trying. they restrict restrict restrict to the point that nothing can be done. hell even your so called clean wind and solar power has other greenies irate because its destroying the environment. you hippies astound me you have given yourself over to green technologies and you are more closely tied to them than any republican is to “big oil”.

joke is on you however. have you seen who is buying up all these do goodie companies? looks like you are slowly bur surely becoming supporters of the companies you hate so.


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