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Posted by zeakster on August 5, 2008

WHILE  making my daily trip to the hazel wood postal station i saw a large group of police at the corner of anthony and crescent. arrived at the post office to find the parking lot blocked off and postal employees telling me i had to park elsewhere.

turns out a fedex truck had pulled into the fire station and told the firefighters that there was a “ticking” package in the truck. i counted 3 black suv’s and one sheriffs car in the lot.

now i understand this is seriuous but come on. what kind of rube thinks bombs are made with a ticking clock? can you even buy ticking clocks anymore? i have to imagine there was no bomb as the truck was gone when i drove past again and all the officers were smiling and joking.

will this fedex driver ever live this down? what kind of a day would you have to be having to do this?


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