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Posted by zeakster on August 14, 2008

FOR THOSE  of you that have no idea what taps is im sorry for this rant.

One of the funniest things ever to happen on ghost hunters was brians pansy run and yelling out “dude run” a classic. everyone lost any semblance of respect for the kid after that.

the whole georgian thing is a tragedy and news men and women usually make a name for them selves during these disasters. steve harrigan on the other hand has come out looking like a spineless twit. he is fox news’s man on the ground in Georgia. up to this point ive never had a n opinion of him. today however has changed all that. after seeing this guy run more than talk i have to wonder if he knows hes supposed to be there. i mean really yesterday he got a text message and he ran screaming like a little girl. someone dropped a bomb a mile away and he was the first in his car again (i thought i could see in the background the civilians actually laughing at that one). today granted it sounded like someone was shooting near him. but the next scene was him running for his life talking about how the Georgians were humiliated. he kept saying humiliated why i ask? these are brave fighters shooting kalishnikovs at t-72 tanks. these people were outmatched at every turn and they actually fought. does this make them humiliated? being an ex 11b ill tell you what they were they were scared shitless and yet they are still fighting a battle they no they cant win. that doesnt make them humiliated that makes them in my mind brave.

this non entity this (brave in his own mind) bad reporter has the gall to call these brave men humiliated? if any one any one out there has this idiots cell number please please keep texting him “get out” i love seeing this jackass run. your not a reporter scared man trying to a real mans job.

dude run


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