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Posted by zeakster on August 17, 2008

I MISSED  the preseason games last year for the nfl becuase i was away. this year i missed the first game but wanted to go back to thwe only bar that has a system that can pick up all the games in preseason (wriglyfield bar and grill). we should have known something was wrong when we enetered and no one was there. but we ignored the bad omen sat and ordered food. the owner is usually a jerk and gives us a hard time becuae we are viking fans so we blew it off when he went irate on some other customers asking for a game. two bad omens should always be treated as law. we waited and waited and my friend finnaly wernt up to ask if we could get our game on. well he waited and waited while the long haired idiot who is the owner ignored him. finnaly some waife came along andasked what the problem was he explained and she simply said…… he doesnt know how to work it anymore. we knew he was ajerk of the highest order but we didnt think he had the iq of a three year old and for gods sake we had been comming in there for years to watch these games. somehow this ignorant hippie wantabe forgot how to run his own sattelite system. this explained why the only two games he had on were network games and why the place was dead.

a word to the wise albeit a late one wriglyfield is not a sports bar and the owner is a simpleton perhaps if he cut off that rats nest i mean tail he could figure out his own system. then again who cares we will go to another bar tommorow and spend our money watching the game on the nfl network.


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