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Posted by zeakster on September 22, 2008

Im not one for conspiracy theories however the event over the last few months have me wondering. key in things that the supreme court has ruled on and its starting to tip the balance. doesnt anyone find it a bit disconcerting that the supreme court ruled goverment can nab your property for just about any reason and now poof this weekend the government has become the largest holder of home mortgages? does anyone think its a bit scary democrats want to hush opposition by reinstating the fairness doctrine? dont you find it even scarier obama has his groupies foul up radio station phoneboards if there is someone he doesnt like on air?

does no one take offense to the high and haughty bernacke telling us surfs that he knows what to do and if he wants to bail out foreign banks he will.

im scared very scared time to go shopping for a new mauser


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