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Posted by zeakster on September 27, 2008

I love pelosi bringing up republican patriotism. its………well funny. hmmmm over 50% of the average joes out there dont want to bail out wall street republicans for the first time since immigration are heeding the warnings and slave master pelosi calls them unpatriotic. obama has the gall to say that pin head mcain is a bush lackey yet he is not supporting the new bush spending extravaganza. who is supporting bush’s trillion dollar bail out? the democrats and barak obama. ohh they hate his policies but adore anything that spends our tax dollars. so all week and this weekend we are hearing about how these damn Republicans are the road block to our salvation. funny i thought the dems hold a majority in the house no wait they do so why are they demanding 100 republican votes? well its all about saving their own asses. when this cash spending spree is over and it still doesnt work the dems will blame the republicans and they cant do that if none of them vote for this atrocious bill.  you see pelosi can drive her slaves to pass this bill without a single repulican votebut she wont. you see democrats are all about saving their own ass’s and while they would love to spend money they wont unless at least some republicans sign on because they are always looking for a scape goat.

so if your one of those liberal ninies out there talking about how the repulicans are ruining this country by not voting for this look atthe facts if their god pelosi had the balls she and her waifs could pass this bill right now. look in the mirror you gutless twits….like what you see?

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