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Posted by zeakster on September 30, 2008

Pelosi gives an irritating partisan speech before what is supposed to be the most important vote in our life times. Would someone who was really that worried give that speech at that time? Democratic leadership is split on their votes. friends of pelosi in california dont back the vote. pelosi on sunday denounces the bill. does this pass the stink test? democrats who have a solid majority do not need republicans to vote at all to pass the bill. we are told that this is the most important problem of the century. we are told if it does not pass there will be a world wide depression worse than the great depression and yet  pelosi first denounces the bill then gives a partisan speech before the bill then democratic leadership votes no.

this is just one side of the aisle we could do the same thing on the other side this is very peculiar considering all the doom and gloom prognosticating we’ve heard over the weeks.

question question question

no matter what party affiliation you owe allegiance this one just doesnt pass the smell test


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