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Posted by zeakster on October 5, 2008

BLINDERS  for those of you who dont know are put on horses so they can only pay attention to whats in front of them. works for horses not for people.

It astounds me that liberals can use how many houses mccain has as a political battering ram (of course none had a problem with kerrys gores or clintons houses) but can tottaly be blind to the scandals and back ground of obama.

if elected obama will be the first president to be a close associate of a known terrorist (not the loveable mid eastern types but one of those homegrown terrorists rosie says are much worse). this should be troubling but for some reason no one cares and libs even defend the friendship. do yo honestly want a president how has close ties to a radical terrorist?

how about his association with a known voter fraud organization. now i know hes from chicago and this is an everyday occurrence but hes running for the u.s. presidency not chicago mayor. acorn is not ony a haven for voter fraud (and yes its members have been convicted of voter fraud) but its founding member embezzled millions of dollars and no one reported it for 12 years all the while the man served on its board.

i guess these things are common place in the democratic party thats the only reason i can think of that would explain the non resistance im seeing. its sad it really is they have no problem using mcains houses as a political trick but they cry afoul when republicans bring up rezco or acorn. you people live a very interesting life and i guess you get what you deserve.

good luck with that


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