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Posted by zeakster on October 17, 2008

Congressman Mark Souder is blatantly violating the city’s ordinance regarding political signs. That ordinance prohibits campaign signs from being placed in the public right of way and requires that they may only be placed on private property. It further states that these signs can be no closer than 40 feet to any intersection. Souder has signs that violate these definitions in at least two areas that I observed today – The intersection of Covington and Scott Roads, in front of the city fire station…… our friends on the left

Honestly some of these people are hysterical out of all the things they could be griping about with souder they are pissed off about the signs. these are the same people that got kelty indicted. seriously your side talks about voter suppression by the republicans ive never seen it personally but what i do see is candidate suppression by the libs i guess they think if they get candidates so worried about the little things no one will be willing to run. its a great plan make it illegal for anyone to run without a team of lawyers. i guess they figure there upper class elite can beat our upper class elite. its a sad day when regular joes and janes cant run for office. thank you democratic party


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