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Posted by zeakster on October 18, 2008

Most conservatives take hollywood with a grain of salt we are continually bombarded by how wrong we are and are always cast as the bad guys. But look further into recent movies and television shows and you will see tactics the left are using to usurp control.

2 examples

at the end of the jherico series the evil conservative usurpers start to issue new text books blaming liberals for all the ills in the world. new text books in our own country now tell out and out lies about the reagan era and the newest literature book for 8th graders has a whole chapter devoted to barak obama.

in the movie v an evil conservative takes control of england under a banner with a strange symbol. have you looked into people yards lately? why exactly has this senator chosen a symbol to run with? you see it in yards on t-shirts and on advertisements. when have you ever seen a presidential race with a symbol beyond the american flag? slogans yes but i have never see a symbol before.

are these coincidences or has hollywood been giving us warning signs?ak

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