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Posted by zeakster on October 19, 2008

Mayor henry why is it you need a new jail? We heard nothing of it from your predecessor or you until after we paid for the giant hole downtown. It comes at a very peculiar time. house prices are going down good for you the assessment occurred before your proposal huh. According to your left brethren we are in an economic downturn not seen since the 20’s. and yet you want us to pay your ever increasing bill. why is that? why do yo need the new jail mr. mayor? if i was a conspiracy theorist (and let me tell you im getting more and more paranoid everyday) i would say its because you anticipate trouble. perhaps you perceive that conservatives will not go down without a fight. looking at some of your radical left blogs they want to through everyone in jail who dares run on the republican side. is that your plan? perhaps its because you fear a backlash from truly religious people perhaps the new jail will become your coliseum. will you stage shows there to quell the people? perhaps its the new gun laws that will surely come out of the new congress. perhaps you will need a place to put unruly plumbers when they balk at the new tax hikes.

it certainly is strange you are asking for a new jail now mr. henry.

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