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Posted by zeakster on October 22, 2008

Steve shine county gop leader has helped the democrats destroy the republican party in allen county. This is a man who thinks putting a sign in front of his office stating “this is mccain country” is doing his job. He is a man that has totally alienated grass roots conservatives. a man who sat by and let the democrats destroy a persons life. a man who personally caused the defeat of a mayoral candidate in his own party. this is a man who would rather see no demands blue bloods run for office. a man who is so caught up in the bureaucracy that he fails to see any picture at all. He has split the party in 2 and has no idea how to unite it ( i doubt he even cares). hes upset so many people he cant pay the bills (i guess the blue bloods will only contribute so much). its funny he wouldn’t give his full support to a true conservative but happily supports souder an anti capitalist populist who is worried more about the polls than doing his job.

i suppose like moses the allen county republicans have entered the wild and will not reappear for 40 years.


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