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Posted by zeakster on November 9, 2008

So lets get this straight obama pelosi and reed have decided to help the auto industry by bailing them out with our tax dollars. What happened to the evil corporations that arekilling the earth? i mean really shouldn’t they be revelling in the fact that the biggest polluters (cars and tied to them the auto industry) are going to go bankrupt and shut down? shouldn’t they be elated that new cleaner industries spewing out non polluting vehicles will take their place? shouldn’t this be the outcome they want? well im sure it is the outcome the hard left leaning eco terrorists want but there is a problem with the democrats taking this stance. what is it? come on guess what would cause the dems to put this country further into debt and dismiss there radical base? anyone? anyone?…………. thats right unions. the unions pumped so much money into the last campaign that this is there political reward. ive often wondered why these companies ford gm chrysler etc… would agree to such outrageous demands by unions but the reason is clear now. they knew that someday they would need the government to bail them out and they also knew it wouldn’t happen if they were just on the table. so what did they do? they gave the unions everything they wanted and in return the unions gave the dems everything they wanted in money and labor. now its time for the dems to pay up. its time for them to take tax payer money and bail out a flailing industry not because its the right thing to do but because the unions are demanding it. who knows if the industry really needs it the companies here in the u.s. think they need it and to scare the unions they started laying off workers which in turn caused the unions to call in their markers which in turn means the dems are going to screw us the tax payers. call me a conspiracy nut but it looks like the big corporations which obama and the dems ran against have hoodwinked everyone. now that is capitalism at its best. and its why the big guys get paid so much money


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