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Merkel criticises US over crisis

Posted by zeakster on November 27, 2008

I clicked on this article thinking it would infuriate me. turns out i agree with the german. society and government have become so politically correct that we fear change. its being forced down our throats “we must save the economy”. why? let it run its course we have always come out of these situations stronger than before we need these corrections to get rid of the corrupt and stupid. if we keep throwing money at it (and it looks like we will) the people that caused it are saved and no one has learned anything so it will just repeat. i have no idea what the hell george w is doing but its beginning to look like hes either lost his mind or….. and this is a stretch hes taking his revenge on the country for all the crap hes taken the last 8 years. perhaps a bit of both. they bitched and moaned for the first 7 years non stop. its this last year that will go down in history the start of the ruin and chaos.


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