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Posted by zeakster on December 31, 2008

“I think in 20 years’ time we will look back at this whole climate change debate and ask ourselves how on earth were we ever conned into spending the billions of pounds which are going into this without any kind of rigorous examination of the background, the science, the implications of it all. Because there is now a degree of hysteria about it, fairly unformed hysteria I’ve got to say as well.

ITS BEEN 20 years since the huge acid rain train….hmmmmm no dead lakes and what do you know the dead forrests were due to a beetle not acid rain.

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Posted by zeakster on December 30, 2008

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Some of the loudest protests over proposed city budget cuts in Philadelphia are being voiced for places that are usually ghostly quiet – city libraries.

Mayor Michael Nutter was repeatedly booed during a news conference Monday over his decision to shutter 20 percent of the city’s 54 library branches in an effort to help close an estimated $1 billion spending gap over the next five years.

The mayor, who estimated the 11 library closings will save the city $8 million a year, said the shuttered facilities may reopen as public-private partnerships dubbed “knowledge centers” if the city can find enough financial partners.

That didn’t go over well with Zachary Hershman, one of a few dozen protesters at the mayor’s news conference. Hershman, 23, said the closing of the library in his Kingsessing neighborhood will lead to more dropouts, unemployment and crime in an already poor and violent area.

The next nearest branch is overcrowded, he said, with long waits for Internet use that many residents need to access online job applications.

I wonder what he and his cronies make a year.

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Posted by zeakster on December 30, 2008

Most of Milliken was without water service for about 10 hours Sunday.

In all, about 6,000 residents lost water Sunday morning. Authorities said they didn’t know what caused the outage and could not locate a water line break in Milliken, though Mike Woodruff, Milliken public works director, said the town had lost 750,000 to 1 million gallons of water with no idea of where it went.


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Posted by zeakster on December 29, 2008

I once read a book on the green berets in vietnam. it seems some of the isolated berets would build explosives the same way the viet cong did. when asked why they would mix up explosives out of buffalo manure instead of using army supplied explosives, they simply replied “we wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine”.

i have a solution for these so called peace loving palestinians. every time they send one of their peace rockets across the border the isralies should return the same crudely made rocket back into the gaza , west bank or southern lebanon. tit for tat. then when the world bitches and moans israel would just have to simply say when they stop we will stop.

its insane for you palestinian lovers to bitch about israel when your buddies  fire rockets into israel on a daily basis if canada or mexico did that to us there would be no canada or mexico the people here would simply not stand for it. israel has showed nothing but patience with these terrorists. its time peace loving nations say enough. if these degenerate simpletons dont understand that killing isralies is not in their best interest. its time to release the constraints put on israel. its time for us to say do what you have to short of genocide. and its time we help by arresting any and all supporters of the terrorists that call themselves palistinans.

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Posted by zeakster on December 29, 2008

The first, on May 21, headed “Climate change threat to Alpine ski resorts” , reported that the entire Alpine “winter sports industry” could soon “grind to a halt for lack of snow”. The second, on December 19, headed “The Alps have best snow conditions in a generation” , reported that this winter’s Alpine snowfalls “look set to beat all records by New Year’s Day”.

Easily one of the most important stories of 2008 has been all the evidence suggesting that this may be looked back on as the year when there was a turning point in the great worldwide panic over man-made global warming. Just when politicians in Europe and America have been adopting the most costly and damaging measures politicians have ever proposed, to combat this supposed menace, the tide has turned in three significant respects.

First, all over the world, temperatures have been dropping in a way wholly unpredicted by all those computer models which have been used as the main drivers of the scare. Last winter, as temperatures plummeted, many parts of the world had snowfalls on a scale not seen for decades. This winter, with the whole of Canada and half the US under snow, looks likely to be even worse. After several years flatlining, global temperatures have dropped sharply enough to cancel out much of their net rise in the 20th century.

Ever shriller and more frantic has become the insistence of the warmists, cheered on by their army of media groupies such as the BBC, that the last 10 years have been the “hottest in history” and that the North Pole would soon be ice-free – as the poles remain defiantly icebound and those polar bears fail to drown. All those hysterical predictions that we are seeing more droughts and hurricanes than ever before have infuriatingly failed to materialise.

Even the more cautious scientific acolytes of the official orthodoxy now admit that, thanks to “natural factors” such as ocean currents, temperatures have failed to rise as predicted (although they plaintively assure us that this cooling effect is merely “masking the underlying warming trend”, and that the temperature rise will resume worse than ever by the middle of the next decade).

Secondly, 2008 was the year when any pretence that there was a “scientific consensus” in favour of man-made global warming collapsed. At long last, as in the Manhattan Declaration last March, hundreds of proper scientists, including many of the world’s most eminent climate experts, have been rallying to pour scorn on that “consensus” which was only a politically engineered artefact, based on ever more blatantly manipulated data and computer models programmed to produce no more than convenient fictions.

Thirdly, as banks collapsed and the global economy plunged into its worst recession for decades, harsh reality at last began to break in on those self-deluding dreams which have for so long possessed almost every politician in the western world. As we saw in this month’s Poznan conference, when 10,000 politicians, officials and “environmentalists” gathered to plan next year’s “son of Kyoto” treaty in Copenhagen, panicking politicians are waking up to the fact that the world can no longer afford all those quixotic schemes for “combating climate change” with which they were so happy to indulge themselves in more comfortable times.

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Posted by zeakster on December 27, 2008

NEW YORK – Caroline Kennedy emerged from weeks of near-silence Friday about her bid for a Senate seat by saying that after a lifetime of closely guarded privacy, she felt compelled to answer the call to service issued by her father a generation ago.

She said two events shaped her decision to ask Gov. David Paterson 11 days ago to consider her for the position if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is confirmed as secretary of state: the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and her work for Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign.

In her first sit-down interview since she emerged as a Senate hopeful, the 51-year-old daughter of President John F. Kennedy cited her father’s legacy in explaining her decision to seek to serve alongside her uncle Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy.

“Many people remember that spirit that President Kennedy summoned forth,” she said. “Many people look to me as somebody who embodies that sense of possibility. I’m not saying that I am anything like him, I’m just saying there’s a spirit that I think I’ve grown up with that is something that means a tremendous amount to me.”

DO  something bold govenor pull some jane or joe off the street and ask them if they would like the job. just some average person shopping at walmart dont ask them how much they make or what party they belong to. just pull them off and offer the job.  Thats all your doing right now except your going to give it to an elitist. just offer it to some poor shmo buying diapers at walmart. its about time someone got the job not for who they are or who they know but because their a citizen that knows how to do things without a great job or rich family. give it to the woman shopping with three screaming kids tagging along or give it to the guy wearing a shirt with his name on it. personaly i think these people have more of a right to that job than a kenedy legacy.

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Posted by zeakster on December 26, 2008


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Posted by zeakster on December 23, 2008


I dont know about you but im very tired of hearing news stories on how parents have to explain to their children why they wont get as many presents this year. If these parents actually taught their children why CHRISTmas is celebrated there would be no problem.

we wonder why people have become so self centered. its no big secret it looks like the atheists are winning.

remember what we are celebrating. go back to the basics

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Posted by zeakster on December 20, 2008


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Posted by zeakster on December 19, 2008


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