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Posted by zeakster on December 1, 2008

Will there be layoffs at the U.S. Postal Service? That’s the buzz among the agency’s 670,000 workers as signs grow that the agency is sliding further into financial trouble.
The Postal Service has already extended early-retirement offers to more than 156,000 postal workers — roughly 20 percent of its work force. And the postmaster general, John Potter, told the largest postal union that the agency has identified as many as 16,000 employees who can be laid off without the need for collective bargaining because they lack seniority.
Last month, nearly 3,700 employees had accepted early retirement offers in the first of three rounds of early-retirement offers.
That represents about 5 percent of the 72,000 mail handlers, clerks, distributions operations supervisors and customer service supervisors who were eligible in the first round that expired Sept. 30. Most experts consider that a good response rate.
why do i care? my buisness depends on the postal service their pain is my pain. funny dems will throw money at just about everything but not a peep about the impending disaster at the post office. i guess no one will take notice untill their mail takes longer and longer to get where it needs to go.

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