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Posted by zeakster on December 5, 2008

IVE  lived in fort wayne full time for well lets see…. since 1993. i was born here and spent most summers in town. so i will call my self a long time resident. what this town has lacked in my memory for at least the last 3 mayors is vision. they have done quirky little projects here and there (most of them a waist of time and money) but have done nothing to ensure the growth of the forts economy (yes the last republican if you can call him that definitely expanded the physical area). there is no coherent plan and no sense of history. even i can remember the closing of international harvester and i didnt live here at the time. it was a devastating time and that neighborhood still hasnt recovered. fort wayne floundered and really didnt get the high paying jobs again until gm moved right out side of town. if you want to say fort wayne has an industry i guess it would have to be the gm plant. and now were looking at another ih disaster. what has any of the recent mayors done to make the city recession proof? as far as i can see nothing. we are a city without a plan we have no compass and we have no idea what direction we are heading.

there are some bright spots in industry we have some gems here in town not great places to work but they are industries that are recession proof 2 that come to mind are mulinex and ingram (ingram isalways on the verge of moving however) both i would think are recession proof (the meat industry will always need containers and even in the bad times people always buy books) but they employ very few compared to a gm and both are seasonal. they are not places you can anchor a city to.

so what should the mayor be doing to make this city recession proof? its under his nose and i rarely hear any of them talk about it. its the medical industry. the city should be pulling out all the stops to boost the 3 local hospitals. parkview is the largest employer in fort wayne lutheran not that far behind. both have been expanding on their own with no help from the city and i think if you gave st. joe a little help they would love to expand as well. all three have their own specialties and are known throughout the state indeed through several states.

its a booming business with the aging baby boomers. its a business that pays extremely well at the top and better than average at the bottom. its a business that magically sprouts other businesses around it everything from specialised dr. offices to extra hotel rooms and restaurants for visiting patient families. it could even help the floundering airport. and i haven’t even mentioned the local colleges that offer medical training (ever try to get into a nursing school here in town?).

there is so much upside to making this city a hospital mecca that its amazing we aren’t breaking our backs trying to bend over for them. all of those great paying jobs means more people that can afford good housing even the over the top forest park housing. and all of those people will have great medical benefits. and even those not working for the hospitals will benefit from the easily accessible health care (the city scratches their back the hospitals take care of the poor at discounts). the tax base goes up city revenues go up and hey people might actually have the time and money to visit the hole downtown.

think about it we are close to detroit chicago indianapolis toledo its a natural spot to bring in medical experts and a central location easily accessible for people needing those experts. it would increase the use of the airport it would increase hotel and restaurant revenue. it will give great paying jobs to those that need them and will increase the medical programs at the local universities.

there is no down turn here people will always need hospitals they will need to go somewhere why not fort wayne? with a little vision this could be a national if not a world treasure. all we need is vision.



  1. Jason said

    Becareful what you ask for brother. The last thing we need is more central planning. It didn’t work in USSR, it will not work here, regardless of what industry the politbureau finds temporarily attractive. In a free market, capital will allocate itself as participants move to take advantage of any opportunities, such as the one that you believe exists in this post. I would say that we have plenty of hospitals. Let’s not use tax dollars to create anymore gluts.

  2. zeakster said

    if we were talking about the federal government you would be correct but im talking local government. its the local governments job to find stable companies for its citizens they do this by giving tax breaks or improving infrastructure for a particular buisness. this in turn leads to a better tax base and more money to attract better jobs and improve the infrastructure to a higher level. local government is above all else for the people.

    we have plenty of hospitals? i dont know where you get that and i would guess we get more buisness in this town from the hospitals than from any other industry. you can never have to much buisness. and if we can taylor it to people living outside of the area that is outside cashflow comming in to help this town and our people.

    i do not know whatgluts your talking about perhaps the new stadium? or how about the international airport no one uses? or the shiny new street signs littered about down town?

    having a solid industry at the base of our community strengthens our community and if we get tax dollars then we should put them to use in a constructive way a way that benifits the whole community and not just baseball fans.

  3. Jason said

    My friend,

    Government should be limited to protecting your God given and constitutional rights, not allocating your capital, in my opinion.

    Is it right for the city or any unit of government to tax those that cannot afford to cloth their own children in order to sign construction firm fat cats to build more medicare service provider centers (that are in themselves funded by a tyranical tax) or any other diversion of public moneys to projects the free market did not see fit to invest in. I think not. If these were such great ideas and sure money-makers, would not private investors have already begun the projects? Could we not lure more business by simply reducing the tax burden to the bare minimum (a few peace officers, firemen, etc…), reduce the thousands of pages of rediculous regulations, so companies can focus on running their businesses, focus government power to the ends of maintaining the citizens enjoyment of their rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and PROPERTY. Let’s not empower them to take what property rights we have. I have seen neighbors in fort wayne lose their front yards for the sake of keeping the street construction crews busy. That is not right. These construction projects that the city hooligans direct always involve the taking of private property (remuneration is never even negotiated). The Kelo case did much to take away personal property rights. It is up to us, the citizens, to be vigilant against these things. Regardless of how great the project may sound.

    I like your blog, so i care enough to have this debate with you. Individuals in stewardship of city government should not be taking the people’s money for any pet projects. Period.


    • zeakster said

      first off government is and should always be secular at its core so god given rights are a mute point in the u.s. even to god fearing folk. constitutional rights are what drives the laws of the land.

      the u.s. constitution is a broad document and was meant to be so and government shouldnt be protecting those rights the u.s. supreme court should be. in fact the supreme court should be protecting us from this out of control government.

      governments soul purpose is to allocate capital now whos capital is up for debate.

      last i heard people that cannot feed there families do not pay takes indeed the the bottom 40% (i may have this figure wrong) dont pay any taxes at all and in fact get money from the people who do pay taxes. so if you cant feed your family dont blame taxes.

      lowering the tax burden was one of the ideas i expressed in the rant. and lets be clear about the hospitals they are not fatcats i beleive all 3 hospitals are non profits. i have no idea what tyranical tax you are talking about funding the hospitals you would have to be a little more clear on that one.

      i think its life liberty and the pursuit of happiness not property. and while i agree the kelo case is a horrid abberation there are times when government should be able to take property as for instance in infrastructure improvements but they must be compensated fairly.

      the hospitals have been expanding for years on their own but if they should ask for help this city should bend over backwards for them. the mayor should be trying to get every medical conference he can to be held here. he should be using a tax raise he has institued for the airport on ways to enhance the local hospitals (specialised vehicles ramps rooms etc….)

      this wouldnt be a pet project it would be a job and money maker making fort wayne a central medical hub. bringing better than average starting jobs and wages and bringing down the cost of health care to the city (while vastly improving the care you can get)

      remember in all your responses that government is not inharintly evil people are. problems dont occure in governement because of government they happen because of the people in government

  4. Jason said

    Thomas Paine & Thomas Jefferson both considered Gov’t to be inherently evil, though necessary for the protection of the people’s Life, Liberty, and Property (see John Locke and discussions of Locke by Samual Adams & T. Jefferson regarding property vs. pursuit of happiness). As did Samual Adams and many others that gave their safety and their blood for the foundation of this Republic.

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul is no way to run a government on any level. Having the mayor and city council pick the winners is not a free market. That is central planning. Central planning doens’t work. Government should never be in the business of allocating capital. The Soviets tried it. It was a miserable failure. Just as these Bank & Auto bailouts have been and will be.

    Sad day when the “republicans” are socialists too. Mr. Bush has been terrible, but i see that the rot is much deeper than that.

    True Whig-like Republicans need to draw a bright line between Liberty and Tyranny, calling any encroachment upon individual rights (even when done collectively) evil. These pocket lining pet projects are an evil redistribution of wealth from the prudent to the irresponsible, done at the barrel of Mao’s gun.

  5. zeakster said

    again i say evil is only a trait of humans and some other primates it is not inherant in inanimate things. government is not evil it is the people who corrupt it.

    i do not think central government is what you are talking about its definatly not what im talking about im talking local government there is a huge difference between national government and local government.

    you sound like an anarchist for some reason you dislike any government i suppose you have your reasons but a country with out government is not a country at all.

    we are very far from tyrrany in this country and while i agree both sides seem to be trying to redistribute wealth the american people will not tolerate it for long. this is america we live in freedom and have for a long time this bad taste in our mouth will be spit out soon.

  6. Jason said

    No anarchist here, brother. I’m a classical Republican. we need governement to protect Life, Liberty, and Property, nothing more. Without good government those are elusive. With bad government they are impossible. I believe we are witnessing the ballooning of the latter.

    To be complacent is to be complicit. Vigilance my friend. Keep your eyes open.

    “The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable that I wish it to be always kept alive.” Thomas Jefferson

  7. Jason said

    the following link is to a good little pamphlet by Frederic Bastiat written in 1850 as he tried to counter the growing socialist movement in France. it prints out on 15 pages if scaled to 70%. I think (hope that you are not too far gone?) it will show you why any governmental allocation of taxpayer capital (socialism) is not only wrong, but criminal.

    If you like that, i suggest reading “The Law” (Bastiat also), which is longer, more philosophical (describes men’s rights as coming from God, not the state) and more descriptive.

    Let me know what you think. I’ll check back for your reply.

    • zeakster said

      hey jason
      just getting off the busiest time of year for me buisness wise and im taking a break unfortunatly ive just started reading atlas shrugged ( i know i know 40 years is a long time not to have read it) so ill have to get to your reading material later. i will say however that i tend to shy away from the philiosphical, probably why i havent read atlas yet. i live in the here and now where good ole common sense rules.

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