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Posted by zeakster on December 6, 2008

Let’s end the war. Let’s end the war that has lasted over 35 years. Let’s end the war that neither side has a hope of winning. Let’s free the thousands of American prisoners held on US soil. Let’s end the war against ourselves. Like many Americans, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have served on both sides of this war. Let’s end the war on drugs.

Many of this blog’s readers would agree with the slogan “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” Well drugs don’t destroy lives. People destroy their own lives. Inanimate objects are not responsible for your actions, be it a gun, a rock of crack, or a Judas Priest album. More people die from heart attacks than drug abuse. Yet we don’t see headlines like “Feds Seize 50 Kilos of Ground Beef.”

Today is Repeal Day. Seventy-five years ago today, the 21st Amendment was ratified, the 18th Amendment was repealed, and America’s favorite drug was legalized. This ended all the alcohol-related violence and corruption that plagued the 1920’s. Alcohol taxes created a new source of government revenue.

There happens to be excise taxes imposed on illegal drugs, but of course hardly anyone pays these taxes. We can create new sources of revenue for cash-strapped state governments while simultaneously lifting a huge burden off of law enforcement and the prison system. Legalizing drugs is the single best thing that Obama can do for the economy.

its just a silly argument and the reason most people will never vote libertarian



  1. Morgan said

    I’m confused here. You copy a guy who makes an speech about what good it will do to legalize these things.. and you end it with this:

    “its just a silly argument and the reason most people will never vote libertarian”

    How thought-filled.(?)
    I say now I don’t stand with the Left, Right or the GREY (areas).. I spend my time searching for where I belong and always end up by myself.

    None of these absolutes seem to fix everything. But if you ought to think about being more thoughtful. No where in this post shows a “why you can’t stomach libertarians”. Atleast highlight a passage..something. I agree that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I also think about too much freedom and what happens with too much freedom. Why 18? Why do you have to be 18 to do things in this country? 18 is not a golden number. And once you’re 18 if you were able to do whatever you wanted with an UNLIMITED right to CONTRACT and only adhered to the Constitution.. what stops one man from building an atom bomb with intstructions on the internet and making one bad decision for the rest of us?

    There will always be questions without answers. But they deserve a good look and much thought.


  2. zeakster said

    if you want to legalise drugs (one of the main tennants of libertarian)then i dont have room for that thought. there is no argument for legalising something that destroys lives on a massive scale in this country. and yes i think alcohol does the same but it happens to be so ingrained in societies around the world for so long that you cannot ban that. drugs have no redeeming value and are a recent addition to many societies there is nothing cultural about them. here and there drugs have been used for long times but they are not universal like alcohol. libertarians live or die by this one point they even made barr come to their side. its an assine platform and they will never garner votes based on it. no thought needs to be made drugs kill and ruin lives not only of the user but those around the user. the whole article was a highlight

    however that being said i beleive its a state right to make drugs illegal not the feds right.

    as for being grey thats a good thing but dont call your self an independant thats a cop out

    18 is a golden number because that is when my little girls are no longer under my control legally. its not artificial its legal.

    dont over think the constitution it is black and white and was made that way on purpose the proble with the supreme court is that it sees all these gray areas that dont exist. the court has added federal rights that are just made up out of thin air. this is why the constitution was drawn up so there would be no ambiguity instead these leftist dreamers are adding things and make the original document meaningless. there job is to defend the document litteraly not change it that is in the hands of congress and the people.

  3. Jason said

    We tried the prohibition of alcohal from 1919 to 1932. That empowered Al Capone and other gangs. You see the same thugs (differnt wardrobes & ethnicities maybe) now selling illegal, but readily available, drugs. prohibition creates outlaws, violence, and waste of tawpayer money for the enforcement of the ordinances. It does nothing to stop the use of the banned substance. it just makes it more dangerous, and taboo, which has an odd effect of making it more appealling to some. The drug enforcement tactics practiced in this country have served only to enrich and arm very dangerous criminals. By simply ignoring the drug trade it would become less expencive and thus less profitable to those who traffic. The free market would likely see that many pushers find themselves looking for a new line of work. By the way, the constitution does not mention drugs. Also worth mentioning is the fact that i do not use drugs or condone the use of them by anyone. If it were not for the weapons employed by the dealers/users, many parents would be able to put a stop to this in their homes.

    We (God fearing, Constitution loving Americans) would be better focused on protecting the Right to Life that our government has not afforded to the defenseless unborn children. You want to make something illegal. Go after abortionists. That is clearly murder (look at a live ultra-sound if you do not agree, i think it will change your mind), and clearly unconstitutional and clearly against the Law of the One True God. The fact that our tax dollars fund the murder of nearly 1 million children a year enrages me. The US has murdered 50 million children since 1973. WE ARE ALL COMPLICIT IF WE DO NOT ACT TO HALT THIS PRACTICE. Our tax dollars pay for it.

    P.S. Sorry to change the subject (from drugs to abortion), But I think it is relavent in the context of the understanding rights and the up-holding of the constitution.

    • zeakster said

      as i tried to explain earlier alcohol is a different horse than drugs so i wont repeat what i tried to explain earlier.

      as for the there will be no crime if we legalise them argument thats just insane. alcohol as you said is legal and yet if you have ever lived in the smokey mountains you know that it is still made illegaly money and manpower is still used to stop it. and how legalising would stop people from commiting drug related crimes goes over my head. so what if its legal will the druggie not rob someone for the same amount of money just becuase its legal? if anything it will add even more crime and graft to the system.

      no the constitution does not mention drugs the constitution does not mention alot of things the idea was to let the states determine what was right and what was wrong and as long as they didnt break the larger laws in the constitution they would be allowed. this system has been broken over the last 50 years and will get even more desperate under the obama presidency.

      i hear you about abortion you should refer to my other posts

  4. Jason said

    Principals, brother, principals. Stand by those principals of Liberty unwaiveringly. Even defend the freedom of those to do things that you don’t care for, as long as they do not encroach upon your (or anybody elses) rights of Life, Liberty & Property.

    Some idiot that spends all their spare cash on pot doesn’t bother me. Same with any other moron that wants to get high, in their own home, with their own (not taxpayer) money. Their poverty will put an end to that on it’s own accord eventually. But making millionaires by creating cartels in drug trafficking encourages the violence in the drug trade. If you could pick up your crack at Walgreens there would be much less crime related to drugs. They would be cheaper (thus less theft to pay for them, and no drug gangs). The Truth of the matter is that Gov’t (that evil scoundrel) pays for the drugs through welfare. Once again the unintended consequences of intervention. The robbing of prudent people to give to the irresponsible is Bad Policy.

    To sum up; Legalize drugs, end welfare and other government redistributions of wealth. Focus on protecting the Rights of individuals to Life, Liberty, Property.

    Suggested Reading:
    ‘Two Treatises of Government’, John Locke 1689,
    ‘Federal Papers’ Hamilton, Madison, Jay 1787 (Focus on the peices written by Madison- they are brilliant)
    ‘Jefferson’ Albert J. Nock 1926,
    ‘Our Enemy,the State’ Nock 1935,
    ‘Road to Serfdom’ Friedrich Hayek 1944,
    ‘Samual Adams’ Ira Stoll 2008

    I think for one to have a proper apreciation of the importance of Liberty, a foundation of knowledge of the subject is warranted. THAT IS WHY THEY DO NOT TEACH IT IN SCHOOLS. The Teachers unions are Socialist organizations that have the goal of pushing communist propaganda and dis-information about the founding of America, and the purposeof government.

    I understand why you are not sure about your love of Liberty. You have been taught your whole life to envy others and commit the sin of coveting others property. The media, the schools, even some churches have taught that it is OK to demand that others pay your way. You have been taught the Gov’t is your keeper, that Gov’t can compulse people to do anything (make, build, kill, etc…) and restrict people’s rights (Worship, Property, self defense).

    It is not OK. Gov’t is not your keeper. Gov’t does not have the right to restrict your Freedoms. Gov’t derives its power from the governed.

    When the Governed wise up and demand that their government reduse itself to its former minimalist form, that will be a Glorious day. For it will be the Will of God, who bequeathed us our Rights, and gave us his Law, and restores us from our sin by the Blood of His Son.

    If that not be His Will, Glory to God, because the Day of the Lord is near, and Rapture is near.

  5. kainoa said

    government basically operates on the philosophy that people cannot govern themselves when you continue to allow it to deprive you of actions that would otherwise not injure another youve just opened the door to more control which will eventually cause you to be controlled by it rather then it work for you case in point how much are we taxed food, water, gas, cell phone, electricity, why doesnt anyone ever say its because our currency needs fixing reading a meter……getting out of your truck to fill the fuel tank at the gas station these things have been done for years by people and the job descriptions if anything has entailed MORE now then before for one person so logically the costs should have dropped on alot of things yet the cost of “living” hasnt some will say it because theres more people and we use more resources plant a seed water it and it will grow……your born and you die its us that have complicated it all

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