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Posted by zeakster on December 15, 2008

Iraq faced mounting calls on Monday to release the journalist who hurled his shoes at George W. Bush, an action branded shameful by the government but hailed by many in the Arab world as an ideal parting gift to the unpopular US president.Colleagues of Muntazer al-Zaidi, who works for independent Iraqi television station Al-Baghdadia, said he “detested America” and had been plotting such an attack for months against the man who ordered the invasion of his country.

“Throwing the shoes at Bush was the best goodbye kiss ever… it expresses how Iraqis and other Arabs hate Bush,” wrote Musa Barhoumeh, editor of Jordan’s independent Al-Gahd Arabic newspaper.

THIS UNGRATEFUL jackass would be dead under the old regime hell hed be dead in any other arab country by now. guess hes more american than he realises ungrateful and angry sounds like a huffington post blogger.

2 Responses to “DEATH UNDER SADDAM”

  1. Jason said

    this is ridiculous. the US soldiers risked their lives in order to not kill people like this guy (we could have annihilated Iraq), the US taxpayer spared no expense in attempting to make Iraq safe for these idiots, and this is the repayment for the compassion they were shown.

  2. zeakster said

    these people are beyond saving they have nothing but hatred to share they wallow in self pity and act out at any perceived slights. they live under despots who torture maim and kill innocents and yet when leaders from free societies (who are so pc they refse to criticise anything)visit they throw shoes. quite frankly im surprised they can afford shoes perhaps bush should use our tax money and buy them all comfortable shoes then maybe just maybe they would keep them on their feet.

    i have a great pair of smelly tore up shoes im going to send to this idiots newspaper.

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