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Posted by zeakster on December 27, 2008

NEW YORK – Caroline Kennedy emerged from weeks of near-silence Friday about her bid for a Senate seat by saying that after a lifetime of closely guarded privacy, she felt compelled to answer the call to service issued by her father a generation ago.

She said two events shaped her decision to ask Gov. David Paterson 11 days ago to consider her for the position if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is confirmed as secretary of state: the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and her work for Barack Obama‘s presidential campaign.

In her first sit-down interview since she emerged as a Senate hopeful, the 51-year-old daughter of President John F. Kennedy cited her father’s legacy in explaining her decision to seek to serve alongside her uncle Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy.

“Many people remember that spirit that President Kennedy summoned forth,” she said. “Many people look to me as somebody who embodies that sense of possibility. I’m not saying that I am anything like him, I’m just saying there’s a spirit that I think I’ve grown up with that is something that means a tremendous amount to me.”

DO  something bold govenor pull some jane or joe off the street and ask them if they would like the job. just some average person shopping at walmart dont ask them how much they make or what party they belong to. just pull them off and offer the job.  Thats all your doing right now except your going to give it to an elitist. just offer it to some poor shmo buying diapers at walmart. its about time someone got the job not for who they are or who they know but because their a citizen that knows how to do things without a great job or rich family. give it to the woman shopping with three screaming kids tagging along or give it to the guy wearing a shirt with his name on it. personaly i think these people have more of a right to that job than a kenedy legacy.


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