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Posted by zeakster on December 30, 2008

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Some of the loudest protests over proposed city budget cuts in Philadelphia are being voiced for places that are usually ghostly quiet – city libraries.

Mayor Michael Nutter was repeatedly booed during a news conference Monday over his decision to shutter 20 percent of the city’s 54 library branches in an effort to help close an estimated $1 billion spending gap over the next five years.

The mayor, who estimated the 11 library closings will save the city $8 million a year, said the shuttered facilities may reopen as public-private partnerships dubbed “knowledge centers” if the city can find enough financial partners.

That didn’t go over well with Zachary Hershman, one of a few dozen protesters at the mayor’s news conference. Hershman, 23, said the closing of the library in his Kingsessing neighborhood will lead to more dropouts, unemployment and crime in an already poor and violent area.

The next nearest branch is overcrowded, he said, with long waits for Internet use that many residents need to access online job applications.

I wonder what he and his cronies make a year.


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