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Posted by zeakster on January 1, 2009

UNLIKE most of the talking heads i will miss 2008 a list of milestones

1. i turned 40

2. my wife turned 30 (yes i know about the age difference)

3. my 2 girls turned 5 and 2 (yes im older than normal for those ages)

4. my grandmother has made it through another year

5. my business doubled (i guess not everyone is suffering)

6. i started my second year of volunteering on the playground (i really look forward to those 2 days a week)

7. both mine and my wifes parents made it through another year with no major catastrophes

8. my siblings and my wifes are doing fine (an unusual year)

9. my wifes catholic faith is stronger than ever

10. my personal faith has gotten stronger

11. my wife is well on her way to graduate on time

12. hillary clinton wasnt elected to the presidency

13. confused republicans were not elected

14. the world didnt catch on fire

15. global warming freaks are starting to be shouted down

wow i could go on and on take some time and remember the good things that happened this year  i bet they out weigh the bad. and turn off the news for a few days youd be surprised to find out the world isnt comming to an end anytime soon.


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