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Posted by zeakster on January 31, 2009

About 850 Burmese refugees arrived in Fort Wayne in 2008, 600 the year before, joining an estimated 5,000 already here. Many come to join family or friends after first being resettled in another city, so no one is certain just how many Burmese refugees are living in Allen County.

But what agencies are certain of is that many hands and open hearts are needed to assist refugees as they make their home in a new land, which has led international aid organization World Relief, based in Baltimore, to open an office in Fort Wayne. It is located at 2501 S. Harrison St. in donated space within Simpson United Methodist Church.

World Relief’s mission is to “empower churches to minister to refugees in America with the compassion of Christ,” said Jeff Keplar, director of the agency’s Fort Wayne office.

THEY let the mess that is happening in burma occur why are we taking them in? pretty soon were going to have a mess here whos going to take us in? no one becuase we will evenually clean up our own mess.


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