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Posted by zeakster on February 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coming To The Indiana State House

This non-partisan event will be widely publicized in the next month to all corners of the state by a network of tax and policy activists who led the 2007 Property Tax Protests and The Indiana Tea Party.

Our ranks have grown much larger in two years.

Experts will speak candidly at the event on all subjects of concern to The People, such as Education Spending, Cronyism, Corporate Welfare, Property Tax, and those shameful politicians who put party before the needs of their citizen employers.


  1. Melyssa said


    THanks for posting information for us. I will add your blog to our Indiana blog roll.

    A statewide revolt is being organized to take place inside the Indiana State House. There is seating for 550. Our goal is to bring 5,000 people and I am certain we’ll have 1000 attend.

    The theme is “TRANSPARENCY”. Speakers, several of whom are lawyers, will expose corruption and incompetence at all levels of our government. Sovereignty and Honest Money will also be represented there. I am also inviting Fair Fax Indiana. At the end of the program, we will demand transparency to be made available to every citizen utilizing digital technology. The details are still being worked out by our lawyers.

    The Central Planners are activists, constitution experts, and lawyers in Indianapolis from all parties.

    You might not realize, but I am the woman who organized the state wide Indiana Tea Party and am responsible for the 2007 local and national media coverage of our protests. Our Tea Parties were covered in LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and even on CNN.

    As the gal in charge of publicity, I am recruiting statewide VIP’s to help publicize the event immediately. If you will volunteer, I can ship you a minimum of 500 postcard flyers next week. The flyers are 4″ x 6″ postcards with the graphic from the website. The back of the flyers are blank, so that you can stamp your contact information or local website so that folks in your part of the state have a local contact.

    The VIPs will also need to distribute flyers at coffee shops, retail counters, directly to people’s homes, community bulletin boards, and anywhere else people gather. VIP’s are also asked to contact owners of websites and blogs to add our link and banners. You are also asked to immediately begin to circulate information about the event via your email lists.

    We need our VIP’s statewide to immediately begin to attend local meetings to ask citizens to do their part, take the day off work, and join in with the rest of the state. It’s not required, but we’re hoping that our VIP’s will organize buses and/or caravans to descend upon the state house on March 25th.

    Our VIP publicists will sit in a reserved section in front by the speakers podium.

    Please let me know if you will volunteer. I need you to send us your address and phone number if you will take on the challenge. If you do volunteer, I need your promise that you will pledge 100% to do everything you can to tirelessly publicize the revolt.

    God Bless You.

    Best Regards,
    Melyssa Donaghy, PR Coordinator


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