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Posted by zeakster on March 5, 2009

ARE  there three political parties in the u.s.? i know i know actually there are a great many parties in the u.s. however there are only 2 that hold any power the republicans and the democrats. but is this a wrong premise? it seems to me there are 3 parties in the u.s. that have power. there are the true democrats (what some call the radical left) the people you know the people that read the huffington post and daily kos. there are also the true republicans (as one local blogger wrote “the right wing kooks”) the am talk audience. then you have the rhinos a term usually given to moderate republicans but also attaches itself to the moderate dems. these are the people that cant make up their minds on anything the people that think politics should be be more civil. you know the ones that will agree with anything you say just because they dont want to argue their point of view. the melee mouth destroyers of democracy.

my beef is not with the left while i find their point of view insane and wrong headed i appreciate their ability to fight for it. my beef is with the moderate middle the people that refuse to argue about anything. the people that think the only way to get what they want is to give in. the people that think one idea is no better than the opposite idea. that the middle is the answer. these are the people that refuse to fight for their beliefs the people that go through life acting like a brain dead zombie.

its my contention that these people need to be flushed in both of the parties they should be shunned if they feel there way is the right way they should be encouraged to leave and form their own party. they do no good watering down a partys true path.

democracy is a place for heart felt arguments a place where people are passionate about their beliefs it is not a place where people give up their convctions so that they can please people that have none. the problem in this country is not the 2 ends its the middle

let a rhino be a rhino


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