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Posted by zeakster on March 9, 2009

TODAY  president obama signed an executive order to restore government funding to stem cell research. he has placed government in a position to kill baby’s on a huge scale. it wasnt enough for him to simply say hey if your a private citizen use your judgement no he had to go and say hey if you want to kill babies we’ll fund you. expect a huge upsurge in this abomination…… government funding attracts only the best of our society.

i dont understand how a government can use my money to kill one individual for the sole purpose of saving another. who will president obama save?

he told the media he was doing it to take it out of the political realm…… sorry what?……….the only thing banned was using government funding to do it. who has politicised it mr president?

again who will you save mr. president? taking a life to restore another is not a wash. its a sick abomination!


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