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Posted by zeakster on March 18, 2009

We are organizing a “Tea Party” type protest here in Ft. Wayne, and would like to ask you help in getting the word out about this event.

This event will be held on April 18, 2009 downtown at the Court House Square along the sidewalks. The time would be 11:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

There is a lot of discomfort out there with the government spending, and the direction in which our current President is taking us. The “Tea Party” would give our citizens a change to let their dissention be heard. There will be a few speakers and an organized peaceful protest.

If you know of people that would have an interest in this type of event please forward this email to them. There will be more information soon. Also please spread the word to eveyone that you know about this event so that we can have a good turnout.

You can RSVP to me or on for the Indiana 3rd Congressional District, but an RSVP is not required, everyone is welcome. Bring a bus load and let your voice be heard! Parking is free on Saturdays at most places downtown.



  1. Melyssa said

    HOOSIERS FOR FAIR TAXATION is happy to lend the tea bag!

  2. Jeff Goodwin said

    All for it!!!!

  3. Tracy said

    Unfortunately I will be out of town, BUT I want to help organize and get this together!! What can I do to help!!!???? I’m not seeing much about the event and had to really search to find it. I can put it on Facebook to help promote it!

  4. zeakster said
    THIS IS A LINK TO THE ORIGINAL ORGANIZER is also involved but they do not respond very fast
    you can also try

    it seems to be alot of people but no real place in particular

  5. Tracy said

    HAve it as an event on Facebook! Let’s see how it spreads on there!

  6. Cheri said

    I am really excited to attend this event; but am wondering why it isn’t going to be held on April 15th, when many of the others are being held throughout the country. Also, I am concerned that not that many people will show up because of the restriction of not standing on the grass. There isn’t much sidewalk space there if I remember correctly. (I’m just sayin’.) Thanks for organizing this event. I would be happy to be a part of any other events and willing to help with organization, etc.

  7. zeakster said

    im not sure why there telling people to stay off the grass its a public sqaure as far as im concerned its public they can re seed with our taxes. the 18th is a saturday i think they thought it was better for normal people with jobs. april 15th will have a lot of parties but they have been occuring since santellies remarks and the biggest ones are schedualed for the 4th of july im going to go out n a limb and say there will be alot more between now and then. perhaps even repeats in cities that have already had one.

    im not an organizer just a spokesman you can find links here in the blog for contact info

  8. Guy said

    It does have a facebook link site, just search fort wayne tea party in facebook, that is the original site with

    Its great to have Alan Keyes speaking on the 18th now

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