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Posted by zeakster on April 19, 2009

I was one of the first to appear downtown saturday morning. talking to mr. mcclendon it appears he had an uphill battle not against the county but against the city. seems mr henry didnt want us to step on his grass…….. his grass? he was also denied a real stage. it seems the local dnc was infuriated that we were going to have a protest.

that aside i had a very good time except for the local loon on his bike everyone and i mean everyone was quite friendly and respectful. little children scampered and played and people were talking politics. just talking to the crowd one person who should be worried is mr. souder i could not find one person to say a good thing about the man. his perennial primary rival was out and about handing out literature.

im not sure how many attended i was close in and it was dense organizers say 1000 could have been a little more or a little less. drive by support was immense to bad they couldn’t park and walk over.

all but one speaker seemed to be on top of things. the other…..well lets say she went to long wasnt very coherent and spouted some lets say questionable things. im not quite sure how she thought this was the place to preach about a cancer conspiracy but she did.

alan keys was on fire and said some remarkable things the most poignant being before we blame others we should look in the mirror.

media was conspicuously absent looks like the gazette wrote a piece
but the journal blew it off much like mr henry

i wasnt able to spot anyone i was expecting in the crowd it was a big crowd but i did meet some fine people and hope to stay in contact



  1. Patriot Paul said

    I was proud to be a part of the event. I drove from Indy and arrived about 1 hr. early in Patriot attire with my Betsy Ross American Revolutionary flag. I wonder how many recognized it when we said the pledge of allegiance to it? Great day.

  2. zeakster said

    i know exactly who you are sorry i didnt get around to talking to you. this was probably the only group that knew the pledge i didnt hear on person stumble.

  3. Glblwrmngisbunk said

    I was there and was completely inspired, especially by Dr.Keyes . I’ll be looking carefully at Souder’s challenger, and will most likely support him every way I can. Networking and word of mouth can go a long way to helping candidates that challenge incumbents. Souder has been in too many terms. I think he thinks this is a career. That’s the problem. As Keyes said, we’ve got to throw out ALL of the incumbents. It’s the only way we’ll ever break the cycle. If we get enough new people in there, maybe we can convince them to enact some term limit laws to put an end to career politics. Maybe the fair tax would have a chance if we had term limits.

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