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Posted by zeakster on April 30, 2009

IM NOT A HUGE WOWO fan i dont like the local personalities and the only reason its on my dial is so i can listen to rush and beck. i was out early today and happened to put butchers show. 5 minutes into i got to hear the most outrageous commentary ive heard from a local personality.

bob chase is a spots announcer why they deemed it necessary to give him a soap box is beyond me but if this is how he uses it to hell with wowo.

this dinosaur of an announcer declared that while tea parties are free speech hes worried that they are dangerous and that the people attending are all morons. declaring that people dont know why they are attending he then goes on a little rant about talking heads not knowing how much power they wield. what in the world bob do you call yourself? this whole tirade was just whacky. from the start when he declares he doesnt know if they are such a good idea (then of course spouting the dem line “but it is free speech” so that he doesnt look like a leftist muzzler) to the middle when he states people attending are just rats following a flute (i think he actually said its a fad) to the end when he warns us all of the dangers of this kind of free speech it was a rambling democratic talking point.

yes bob we know why we attended and if you had shown up you would have gotten in on  some good conversations were not the acorn people you love so much we were indeed the informed part of this city. if you had shown up bob you would have seen there were no calls for “dangerous revolution” as you put it. you would have seen that we were peaceful and that we didnt destroy the square as all your dem buddies predicted.

but ohh yes bob there were alot of us not happy with your messiah obama….thats what your really worried about isnt it bob. if you had taken the time to come we would have told you why we were so upset at your messiah and you would have gotten an earfull about bush as well.

but you didnt show up did you bob?

funny how your station was there though i imagine for the ratings huh bob. i would imagine they showed up because they know the majority of their audience are conservatives in the know the same conservatives that showed up to the tea party.

stick to sports bob and keep your leftist fare doctrine ideas to yourself after all the conservatives that attended the tea party are the ones driving revenue to your station and paying your pathetic butt.

im ignorant huh bob? wanting freedom is dangerous huh bob? not wanting my kids to be burdened by trillion dollar deficits is wrong huh bob? being angry at politicians that are in it for themselves and not their constituents is evil huh bob? not praying to your unholy messiah obama is just plane wrong huh bob?

go to hell mr chase



  1. kainoa said

    yes we are the morons and the geniuses have done such a great job running this country into the ground nice logic sir did you buy it from fox news

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