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Posted by zeakster on June 23, 2009

Just wanted to pass along a couple of pics from the “Walk”
Bill “Casa D’ice” put Kurt on his billboard this week.  His restaurant is famous for it’s political signs and if you haven’t seen them they are all posted on the web!
We meet a bunch of guys from a Michigan Gold Wing club at the sign while we were taking pictures!  Great bunch!
Right now we are in western PA…it’s kind of hilly so Kurt’s moving a little slower than his speedy 4 mph. 
Tomorrow we meet with a couple who heard about us on Plaines Radio.  This is a great station and if you have not listened before, check out the show from 6-8 central time Monday -Friday.  These folks have millions of listeners and Kurt is on at least once a week. 
In Ohio we camped near the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall.  What a site.  We are truly a country of wimps. 
Take care all…The mosquitoes are biting so I have to go.   I won’t be camping for loooong time once I’m home!
Keep up to good work all!
Deb Kallenbach


THIS guy is walking from illinois to washington dc to make a point. surprise surprise hes getting no media coverage. i suppose if he ws walking for free healthcare hed be all over the drive by media.


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