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Posted by zeakster on August 9, 2009

IVE BEEN ON VACATION OFF AND ON for the last 3 weeks. i visited a friends tea shop. hes a very religious man an ex-missonary to india. we had an interesting conversation (well one sided he does alot of talking i do a lot of listening. at the end he asked if i knew why japan didnt invade the u.s. proper. i have a degree in history so i could have given a plethra of reasons but i didnt i just waited for the answer he would give. he told me its because americans have a love affair with guns…..hes right we do……..and the point was received in the manner it was supposed to be.

we are indeed living in some scarry times and if the current administration keeps pushing the normal folks in this country it may become even scarier. this is not a call to arms violence i beleive will be avoided but after seeing the union thugs beat up a gadsden vendor at a town hall meeting i wonder how much the sane part of the country will continue to put up with. im a gadsden vendor and if pushed by union thugs i will draw my licensed and permitted .38 god give me the strength not to pull the trigger.


One Response to “SCARY TIMES AHEAD”

  1. kainoa said

    you have a right to defend yourself no matter what anyone says and for the other persons rights they gave that up when they decided to attack yours

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