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Posted by zeakster on September 10, 2009

By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press Writer Laurie Kellman, Associated Press Writer Wed Sep 9, 11:39 pm ET

WASHINGTON – In an extraordinary breach of congressional decorum, a Republican lawmaker shouted “You lie” at President Barack Obama during his speech to Congress Wednesday.

YOU WANT  to talk about disrespectfull? lets tlk about what the healt bill really has in it. lets talk about what the cap and trade really has in it. lets talk about a white house that thinks its their way or the highway. lets talk about calling citizens nazis. lets talk about ac orn or the miriad far left other organizations that this presiden supports. lets talk about seiu union thugs unleashed by the whitehouse to beat other americans. lets  latk about missing fingers. this guy has my support im going to go contribute to his campaign now. respectfull went out the window months ago and it was a window opened by this mesiah president. if someone had stood up to hitler or stalin or mao early on think of the lives saved. disrepectfull? we need more congressmen and women to stand up to this thug ofa president.


5 Responses to “DISRESPECTFUL??????”

  1. kainoa said

    people who say one thing and do another cannot be trusted when you say that america does not torture then give amnesty to the cia agents who tortured you come across as having no spine on either side

  2. zeakster said

    ok lets start torturing problem solved
    kainoa i have no problems with waging all out war violent unfair all out war to protect my family. lets get into the trenches torture these illegal non state combatants then kill them. they have no rights under geneva and even if they did id say scrap geneva none of our adversaries have ever followed that accord none.

  3. kainoa said

    i am for protecting family and friends ….as far as torture someone will tell you they are elvis if you torture them enough….we obviously were attacked and we obviously attacked back by invading 2 countries….we have still to find our number one target bin laden….i personally am for beefing up our borders and how we let people into this country…from what ive gathered the hijackers were saudi yet saudi is still ok…..we have fought wars over communism and yet we have a central bank and government run factories and control of education and progressivley heavier income tax all pillars of the marxsist system i wonder what a soldier from vietnam would have said seeing in a country who sent him to fight those very ideals we say we are against… thats why i question alot of things we do hind sight is 20/20 i agree but those who refuse to learn from history will continue to repeat it i feel we agree more then not but i dont assume we see eye to eye on every subject

  4. zeakster said

    the only legitimate role for the federal government to me at least is the defense of its citizens from foreign entities. this is a power i would give them unlimited power for. torture war unmitigated nastiness. i do not know where the notion of “torture just doesnt work” comes from. please point to a serious study tat proves your point not just a gut feeling. history in this circumstance supports me. if torture did not work it wouldnt be around. i agree that some individualswouldnt break but the vast majority will. i also agree that you have to verify the torture info with other intelligence. and to use the argument that well if we use it other people will use it on our people just doesnt fly. when we are the only nation that follows the geneva convention it becomes a joke. my father in law spent a year rotting in a nv prison ask him about the geneva convention. in my book its better to be feared than loved as a nation i honestly dont care if people like the u.s. and i think we would be better off especially with nations like iran and north korea if they feared us. during the reagan era there was a story about how the palestinians in lebanon kidnapped a soviet citizen. rmember this was the time that they held alot of u.s. citizens hostage. instead of negotiatin with them the soviets kidnapped some family members of the terrorists and sent the kidnappers body parts of thier relatives (i beleive it was a finger or an ear) miracle of miracles the soviet citizen was released. this is how you deal with these people its a mistake to think they are the same as us they are not. it is a mistake to think other countries are like ours because they are not we are an island and we always have been and always will be.

    the point in the end is is we can disagree thats america lets keep it that way.

  5. kainoa said

    as far as war yes the objective is to win at all cost and i do support the protection of this countries citizens the term blowback was coined by the CIA to refer to repercussions related to a specific action basically action and reaction while i would not consider myself a lets love everything out of everyone by any means i do feel it would be ignorant not to realize the consequences of our actions foreign or domestic maybe a deeper problem would be the fact that we trust washington to represent us on the foreign stage puts alot of trust in people….while i really couldnt care less who likes us and i by no means claim to be a military expert seems having your military all over the world does in my eyes put a bigger target….God help us if we were ever attacked sadly politics get involved instead of letting the military do its job in turn who suffers usually tax payers and soldiers i say destroy those who attack us utterly but after 8 years i am not sure other than we are ridding the world of terrorism what exactly our goal is in iraq and if im asked to be behind a cause at the very least it needs to make sense in my eyes the middle east always has had unrest the creation of the zionist state in palestine did not help peace in that area i dont believe there will ever be world peace thats why i love the second ammenment because while i cant control things happening 5000 miles away i can protect my house and loved ones i agree with you on the role of the federal government

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