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Posted by zeakster on September 15, 2009

I FEEL FOR THIS KID  it happened on a daily basis at my high school 20 some odd years ago in benton harbor. nothing happened then nothing will happen this time. funny how the school doesnt think it was racial ask anyone on that bus white or black i know the answer. lets see if the feds intervene and hit them with a hate crime…………… yeah right that only works when its whites doing the beatings.

this will only get worse as obama and his allies inject race into everything.


3 Responses to “OBAMAS AMERICA”

  1. kainoa said

    the racial thing swings both ways whites are definetly not the only ones who can be racist……….i feel to a certain degree racism is taught……i find the best way to judge people and i use that term very loosley is by individual charachter anything otherwise is putting yourself at risk for dissapointment…..its sad that weve become such a community so worried about words or remarks that may be offensive now the teen should be punished because he physically assaulted another person whether it be white brown yellow or purple but many will brush it off as the “bully” concept thats why i believe in martial arts or self defense training but to show how much of a pillow biting nation weve become my friend got into a confrontaion of words was stabbed wrapped his stabbed arm with his belt and proceeded to destroy his attacker with one fist and two legs his attacker ended up pressing charges because it was excessive guy suffered some facial damage to me thats where commom sense goes right out the window

  2. zeakster said

    i grew up in a town that was 90-95% black and this was a common occurance never was race mentioned by the school but everyone knew it was even my parents burried their heads in the sand. in my junior year me and my friends started carrying well lets say illegal items the “bullying” soon ended for us. kids no longer have that option due to metal detectors. the reverse happens in white towns im sure. its racisim at both ends and its taught you are not born with it newsweek.

  3. kainoa said

    i feel for you growing up in hawai’i i have seen racism towards whites while history is history we must not group people… but to me it will exsist to a certain degree and i support peoples rights to speech and thought even to gather i dont care if people like me or dislike me cause of my color if they got enough of a problem to try something bring it if not go in peace and leave me to mine i want nothing of yours and dont try to take anything ive earned i am a united states citizen and grandfathers on both mother and fathers side have fought for this country and i love what this country is supposed to be one based on freedoms not wrongs now we have a law for everything including hate crimes thats ridiculous a punch is a punch whether it comes from your spouse or someone that hates you cause your black the next thing it will be illegal to think a multiplicity of laws only serves to embarass justice because it basically says people are too stupid to know better thou shalt not steal and thou shalt not kill lets just try working on those for now eh madoff?

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