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Posted by zeakster on October 22, 2009

LIKE alot of you my kids ….well the whole family has caught the flu it started with me almost a week ago now and im just now starting to feel well. my little ones started yesterday spiking fevers and throwing up. we did indeed getthem the flu vaccinations unfortunatly they take 2 weeks to take affect. taking this seriously as i believe everyone should we called the family physician. we were informed it probably wasnt worth bringing them in tamiflu is not working. the advice we weregiven was to watch the temperatures alternating fever reducing over the counter meds and to make sure they didnt become dehydrated. they told us if the fever hits 103 to call back to the on call dr.

very reassuring
very disconcerting that the one medicine they have to combat flu isnt working and isnt even being tried anymore.

i have also been in contact with some local school nurses or their proxys and they have informed me they have never been so busy. hopefully this peaks soon and we have a good rest of the year.


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