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Posted by zeakster on October 30, 2009


DO YOU  know why presidents dont do this? its because it looks like a photo op. if he really wanted to do it and i can understand why he would he should have done it without cameras with out press. the salute was outrageous his time would have been better spent either adding more troops to fix the problem or getting our troops the hell out of harms way. come on mr president do one or the other stop showing up for photo ops with dead soldiers. make a damn decision and live with it.


One Response to “JUST SICKENS ME”

  1. kainoa said

    those that dare to be honest will be banished from public eye and those that flatter the people in order to deceive them will rule…….and people call ron paul a nut job the united auto workers endorsed obama their reward government takeover how long will we keep allowing so called leaders to say one thing and do another

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