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Posted by zeakster on November 24, 2009

The Tactics of intimidation used by SEIU Thugs has taken a turn.  The usual Tactics used by SEIU normally range from Beatings in Parking lots to Cussing out Moms in Town Halls but this time they changed it up.  Instead of throwing punches and verbal abuse SEIU thugs are now throwing Water Bottles and Eggs.

Several Days ago in San Francisco, SEIU members pelted Teachers, from the United Teachers Union of Los Angeles, as they tried to enter  an Event that honored NUHW. 

One of the Vicitims of the Egg attack was a Vice President from the Teachers Union, according to an Article on Beyond

The several hundred SEIU Members where bused in to Stand in front of the Head Quarters of the Los Angles Teachers Union, where the event was held,  in an attempt to intimidate people from attending.  When that Failed, SEIU Members began to lob Eggs and Water bottles at those entering.  Several Members from the Union, UNITE HERE, were also assaulted with Eggs and some claimed to have even been “Roughed Up”. 

The Dispute between NUHW and SEIU began when SEIU Presidnet, Andy Stern, Took UHW into Trusteeship after the members refused to follow Stern’s Orders and Split their Local in Two.   Because of this, UHW successfully seperated themselves from SEIU and Formed NUHW.

This may be the First indication that SEIU is on the Decline as more and more Unions and community organizations support the efforts of NUWH and their separation from the Union Megalith SEIU.

But what should be concerning to everyone, is that if Andy Stern is willing to do this to Other Union Members, imagine what Advice he is Giving to the President, on how to deal with People like the Tea Party, during his 22 Visits to the White House.

If he will “Eat his Own” for the sake of Gaining Power, then there is nothing that SEIU will not do.

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