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Posted by zeakster on December 3, 2009

The Obama administration has begun approving new lines of human embryonic stem cells that are eligible for federally funded experiments, opening the way for millions of taxpayer dollars to be used to conduct research that was put off-limits by President George W. Bush.

Launching a dramatic expansion of government support for one of the most promising but most contentious fields of biomedical research, the National Institutes of Health on Wednesday authorized the first 13 lines of cells under the administration’s policy and was poised to approve 20 more Friday.

WOW this reporter is full of shit i couldnt even get past the second paragraph. its the most promising huh? where did he get that info same place he got the the healthcare facts in previous stories? id love to see his citations for this blanket opinion. i guess there going to stop citing facts by scientists now that we all know they lie to get funding. this reporter should be ashamed but of course hes not killing one individual to help another is perfectly fine to his ilk.


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