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Posted by zeakster on January 2, 2010

OF course dems will tell you this doesnt work either.


7 Responses to “PUT SIMPLY”

  1. kainoa said

    if a child the most innocent of citizens are not protected in its mothers womb no one is safe anywhere…..yet people throw their hands in the air and ask God why when its us that allow the most heinous of crimes against humanity the shedding of innocent blood and they say movies desensitizes us to violence? So called republicans or conservatives need to start being just that and stand on principle instead of sending the american people on a wild goose chase against evil democrats or libertarians or whatever other parties you want to demonize bottom line is our sovereignty has been sold off slowly but surely NAFTA and North american union United Nations with which BOTH parties have spoke i say give us action and stop blaming it on gridlock and partisan politics because while they blame WE fight their wars WE pay their taxes WE bailout incompetent financial institutions WE get stolen from..WE have to adopt a police state in the name of security well i tell you what my HOMELAND security is its my guns,,,,,my alertness and MY intelligence because quite frankly they keep proving they CANT protect us

  2. zeakster said

    wow that was a bit of a rant. this photo was to show you how supply side economics really works i guess you took the liberty of adding meaning =)

    im a buisnesman and i for one do like the idea of fare trade throughout the world one of the few good things clinton did in his 2 terms.

  3. kainoa said

    lol i have my opinion like anyone else and its simply that but ive come to believe there is such a thing as truth and it needs no proving

  4. zeakster said

    i just tend to think free trade and capitalism raises more people out of poverty than protetionism

  5. kainoa said

    yes if the freemarket is allowed to work but the constant monopolization by corporatism is no different then tyranny in a government…..and free trade is fine as long as your national production doesnt suffer for profit because then you end up after the bubble bursts because inflation is the walls on the bowl of a depression without national production you are left with nothing hence the unemployment rate

  6. zeakster said

    ahh but national production is non existant now because of the inflated price of labor. i cant have products made in this country becuase of that inflated price. so what happens? when i get it made elswhere in a place that has market based wages it gets taxed out the wahoo when i import it. unless of course we have a free trade treaty with them. i dont have a problem with having a product made here but when that price is so high becuase of union and government medling its just not possible. lets face it some jobs just arent worth the state and national minimum wage and no job is worth what companies pay their union workers. the whole system should be scraped.

  7. kainoa said

    i agree unions just collect dues living on past glories of fighting for such things as breaks etc perfect example general motors they endorsed obama and as a reward got a government takeover in esence becoming a welfare recipient which is one of communisms pillars am i for helping those in need of course but let it depend on my own generosity or quite frankly lack of because im not willing to trade the good of all for my individual freedom…..during the 80s we bought into the credit dream like crazy most people not understanding that unless you paid it back within the grace period yu would be going down the path of debt…hindsight is 20/20 but looking at how bad this bubble has burst in retrospect has it really been worth it….ive read figure that say gross national production actually rose in the third quarter but its funny how just now they are beggining to feed us the info that the true unemployment rate has been higher for quite sometime now i believe this recession really started in 2006 after the real estate market which was basically not based on anything began to fall i began telling people we were but was looked at like i was saying aliens were landing…..well it was finally revealed in 2008 around nov i believe ive began to distrust main stream information or that very reason well many others people can call me what they may but i love this country and more so i love being free im not out to hurt anyone or steal from anyone so when i begin being profiled as a possible right wing nut or a criminal in the name of security welcome to the third world its a bit of a rant but im passionate about my views

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