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Posted by zeakster on January 13, 2010

With all due respect to rush (hes only right 99.5% of the time) hes wrong and so is the republican party.

this whole reid flare up is just silly and makes no sense. the republican and rush argument boils down to this, their upset because black people arent as upset as they are. thats the whole argument in a nut shell.

reading misguided articles and seeing the comments left after i would say this is a gain for the dems. it makes everyday republicans look like racists. the viciousness on these sites is extraordinary especially on breitbarts sites.

republicans would do well to let this drop and not take up the call on anything racial in the future. its a no win for them.

reid is on his way out why in the world would you give him this opportunity? white people especially conservative white people have no right to tell black people how they should feel that is so counter productive it borders on insanity.


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