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Posted by zeakster on January 18, 2010

YES the earthquake was horrible yes i hate to see all the suffering yes i agree its desperate in Haiti.

who exactly is going to pay for all the aid we are giving? does anyone else think obama has overreacted a little too much because he didnt want a katrina hanging around his neck? who is going to pay for the deployment of troops who is going to pay for all the money and supplies we are sending? i know this makes me look like a uncaring individual. but really who is going to pay for it? we are borrowing money from china just to pay our own bills now we have to pay for the reconstruction of haiti? is someone going to pay us back? perhaps the u.n. wait no that would just be our money again ….well not really it would be chinas. where are all the politicians left and right who hate nation building? its ok to bitch about iraq and afghanistan but its not ok to even question this whole haiti thing? we dont have enough to pay our own bills but we are going to rebuild haiti? and no one bats an eye


One Response to “I HATE TO ASK”

  1. kainoa said

    i agree if people want to help there are valid organizations to contribute or even go should be left to the generosity of citizens in fact a great example of a righteous act would be for him to forgo his annual salary alot of people seem to be able to talk a good game but when it actually costs them something will shy away……this is a “UN” thing because the globalists want to show the world that we need a “governing” entity to ward off despotism and despair like ive said before if people have no sense of moral truth or self governance the neccesity will arise and be implemented before our very eyes WW2 created the united nations what catastrophe will create a need for a world governing body cant happen? we never thought we would be attacked on our own soil either ignorance fed by abundance and apathy becomes a false sense of bliss

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