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Posted by zeakster on January 20, 2010


Victory has many proud parents. Defeat has a whole lot of pointing fingers. Or something like that.

As The Ticket noted first thing this morning, the blame game has already started in the startling Massachusetts U.S. Senate race, operating on the always dangerous assumption that someone has won (Republican Scott “I Drive a Pickup, You Know” Brown) and someone has lost (Democrat Martha “Ewh, Shake Hands with Those People?” Coakley) before the votes are counted.

But, hey, why not?

If staunch lifelong Democrat and son of a staunch lifelong Democrat Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana is doing it, then it must be OK.

He’s not yet joined the no-you-didn’t-yes-we-did-why-didn’t-you-call-for-help-sooner-well-hello-we-did-but-you-weren’t-listening-because-of-that-inside-DC-healthcare-dance-Obama-wants-so-badly.

But he is warning that, assuming Coakley the Democrat is electoral toast come balloon-dropping time tonight, Democrats need to learn an important lesson — and learn it quite quickly. Bayh, who is one of those gutless moderates who just keeps on winning because he listens and stays connected back home, says his party and president have simply abandoned moderation to push a far-left agenda that alienates moderates and, hello, independents, who happen to make up about half of the Massachusetts electorate.


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