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Posted by zeakster on February 9, 2010

Felony Snowball Tossing Charges Lodged

Cops: Virginia college students pelted city plow, unmarked police car

FEBRUARY 9–Felony snowball throwing charges have been leveled against two Virginia college students for allegedly pelting a city plow and an undercover police car during Saturday’s blizzard. Charles Gill and Ryan Knight, both 21, were nabbed by cops in Harrisonburg, where they attend James Madison University. According to police, the pair first targeted a city plow last Saturday afternoon. The driver responded by calling cops to report the frosty fusillade. When police responded to the scene in a bid to identify the assailants, their unmarked vehicle also came under an icy assault. Gill and Knight, a guard on JMU’s basketball team, were then apprehended and booked into jail for throwing missiles at occupied vehicles, a felony. Gill (top) and Knight are pictured below in Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office mug shots. If convicted of the felonious snowball tossing, the men each face between one and five years in prison, and a maximum $2,500 fine. (3 pages)

DO  you have an idea how many felonies i would have racked up by the age of 15 living in the snow belt of michigan? what kind of wuss calls the cops because some kids threw snowballs at his publicly owned truck? this guy and the cops who arrested them should be put against a wall and the town should pelt them with snowballs. and not the delicious snack cakes.


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