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Posted by zeakster on February 12, 2010

of The News-Sentinel

Fort Wayne residents had a chance to learn more about a draft of the proposed Downtown Design Standards during an open house Thursday at the Allen County Public Library.

Informational stations were set up around a conference room and the public was encouraged to ask questions about what the plan and ordinance changes would mean for potential developers and existing businesses that plan on upgrading their properties, as well as the public.

Has this town gone completely insane? in an economical downturn the city decides to put even more restrictions on what tax paying citizens can do to their own property? i love the woman who is upset about the color scheme….come on seriously? i expect government to encourage ownership in downtown shops not discourage it. i also love the quote…well other cities do it. well give us the examples and then go do some research to see if it actually benefitted or hurt small shop owners dont give us a straw man argument. government get out of the way dont set up road blocks this is ridiculous.


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