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Posted by zeakster on February 17, 2010

of The News-Sentinel

Is the turmoil-wracked Three Rivers Festival board willing to make the changes necessary to assure the annual event’s long-term survival?

Members of the Downtown Improvement District (DID) board expressed serious doubts about that possibility Tuesday – although they’re still willing to provide much of the help the festival is willing to accept. They’re just not sure it will be enough.

there has to be alot more to this story than the trv board is giving



  1. McWatt said

    What makes you think so? Just because of a newspaper story?

  2. zeakster said

    when an organization this big with this many problems refuses to open the books to someone who is trying to help there is something strange going on. explain to all of us why they refuse to show the financials. explain why people are quitting right and left. the one board member i personaly know has been there less than a year and thwey have clammed up.

  3. McWatt said

    You’re assuming that the report that the Board refuses to open its books is correct. It happens not to be.

  4. zeakster said

    so you are saying the paper has it wrong? are you in a position to give out the details? my blog is rather small however i know some of the other larger blogers and im sure they would love to talk to you if you have the correct info. id also love to know as part of my yearlt income is derived from the festival.

  5. McWatt said

    Leininger reported what he heard factually. But what he heard was wrong. Just stay tuned.

  6. zeakster said

    being cryptic doesnt help your cause it just makes people less likely to listen

  7. McWatt said

    Well, I don’t have a cause so I guess that’s OK.

  8. kainoa said

    everyone has a cause or they would never say anything or do anything…….honesty is very transparent its lies that are complicated so if they have nothing to hide then what is the problem…i believe in rights to privacy as long as nothing public is being used or no law is broken…so again honesty is transparent so logically one would have to deduce if you are forthcoming with information you would have nothing to hide……say for example this healthcare sit down televised crap it was going to be passed with barely any televised debate atleast on the major networks it was on c span i know i watched it and its part of the reason i dont support it but my point is it was not until something drastic happened that they were forced to be more transparent…so cryptic is another word for deceive someone

  9. McWatt said

    How about that festival, huh?

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