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Posted by zeakster on March 2, 2010

From NBC’s Mark Murray, Chuck Todd and Domenico Montanaro
The Drudge Report has a provocative photo and link to a story on President Obama’s recent physical exam. It shows Obama drinking a beer at a basketball game with this headline: “PAPER: Obama doctors recommend ‘moderation of alcohol intake’…” And it links to a Guardian newspaper account of Obama’s physical, which contains this final line: “The doctors also recommended ‘moderation of alcohol intake.'”

to tell the truth i didnt think much of the little blurb on drudge….that is until msnbc got involved. now im starting to think the obama mouth piece wants to cover something up. i think someone should ask gibbs about this. im sure weve had alcoholics in the whitehouse before but ive never seen this in a physical exam before. smells like there is something more to this story. thanks msnbc for tipping us off.


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