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Posted by zeakster on March 7, 2010

Have you noticed that both sides are attacking tea party conservatives? in my opinion it is because they have challenged the status quo. its easy to see why democrats and liberals are afraid. they like to hide behind “the people” well in this case tea party conservatives are “the people” and try as they might they can’t change that fact. ohh they try we have  heard astro turf thrown about but surprise surprise it didnt stick. then we heard them go nasty with nazi and racist. if anything these tactics just drew the movement closer together. try as they may the democratic machine has failed when it comes to the tea party movement.

the other side is a lot scarier. republicans are finding they too can’t afford to have a separate movement. why is it scarier? because on paper republicans should be the tea party movement. small government, strict adherence o the constitution, fiscal responsibility. on paper that is the republican party….in practice the republicans are no different than the democrats. the blue bloods both locally and nationally have failed in their efforts to bring this group under control. and when they discovered it couldnt be co-opted they too have gotten nasty. you can see it on blogs on radio and even with office holders. rush the true voice the true conservative wing of the party rails at the thought of a third party. and in so doing has alienated himself from the movement. politicians such as crist and graham have totally ignored the movement to their own detriment. crist being defeated by a tea party favorite is planning to run on a third ticket (how hypocritical is that rush?). republican bloggers have turned on them and tend to be a lot more vicious (see our own awb site here in fort wayne). their problem seems to be……… well i just dont know i guess its a fear of the unknown a change from the status quo. they feel safer with a nelson peters and feel threatened by a matt kelty.

liberals have always been vulnerable because they are often divided conservatives have always been known as status quo diehards even to the detriment to the party (john mcain, bob dole the first bush). suddenly republicans are looking at a huge schism and they dont like it. it appears that they are willing to get nasty with people that want to be republicans.

i say BLOW THE SYSTEM UP two party rule should be quashed power should be placed back into the hands of the people more parties means less government control id rather have a non functioning government than an overreaching one. its time to put our wooden shoes into the gears of the government. political sabotage. bring down both parties and replace them with bickering gangs.



  1. kainoa said

    those who make a peaceful revolution impossible make a violent one inevitable JFK

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