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Posted by zeakster on March 20, 2010

I have had a long couple of days and me and the wife are still trying to grasp what actually happened. this will be a multi part story as we gain more info and more insight.

a little  under a month ago we bought a car from a local dealership not a small one a well known dealership here in town. signed the paper work were happy with the price and the loan. we had originally gone through our bank for the loan and were approved. it turns out we have stellar credit and the dealership was able to offer us an even lower rate we signed the deal that night. a couple of weeks later our bank called back and wanted to know if they could beat the other offer. we said sure. in the course of getting the paperwork together our bank informed us we would have to ask the other bank for a reimbursement for an extra we had purchased. we called the lender bank and to our astonishment the extra wasnt on the promissory note they had received. very curious indeed.

the lender bank sent us a scanned copy of the promissory note they had on file. when we compared the two the extra was on ours but not theirs. the interest rate was higher on ours. the price was higher on theirs. absolutely none of the figures were the same on the two contracts. we were dumbfounded. my wife was on the phone all day with the lender bank but there was nothing they could do without the document we had. we called the dealership to get some answers no response all day. this set off alarm bells. we decided to put off anything untill the next day.



  1. tim zank said

    Zeakster…Is your signature legit on both copies? Not that I condone this, but, in some cases, the dealership will have you sign two contracts when credit hasn’t been officially “approved” (like after hours) and then “cash” or submit the contract that “fits” the approval the next day…It’s more common when there is a zero percent versus rebate question.

    • zeakster said

      hi tim

      we are way past that. he admitted to doing to doing it. weve had a sit down with the cfo of the company the bank is involved and come monday we hope to get the prosecuters involved if the dealership doesnt press charges he was we were told fired as soon as we left the building. the contract was signed by us in two different spots the bank copy has forged sigs in only one place. i will say this we didnt loose a whole lot the real victim is the dealership and this guys family.

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