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Posted by zeakster on March 21, 2010

The next day we hurriedly took the children to school and sitters we waited until 8  to make phone calls. first phone call was to the state ag consumer division. they were literally dumbfounded by the story and while they could not give out legal advice they told me to call fwpd. my next call was to the detective in charge of financial crimes. this was a total waste of time the detective was dismissive  and told us we have to go to the people that performed the forgery and ask them whats going on, he refered to it as a civil matter (this was a 14000 dollar loan with forged signatures). at this point i lawyered up there was no way i was returning to the criminals that did this without some kind of console. the advice that detective gave us was a total dereliction of duty this has yet to be resolved. the lawyer gave sound advice and we headed to kinkos to get copies and to the lending bank to get their paper work.

the branch here in fort wayne is small but we lucked out and a loan officer happened to be heading into town. we waited and when she arrived the fun began. she pulled up the banks copy and looked at ours. it was her turn to be totally at a loss. after confirming to us that this is a case of fraud and forgery she informed her superiors and suggested to us us that we lawyer up. she was amazed and her last comments to us were “you have opened up a whole can of worms”.

we informed the lawyer of what had happened and he informed us going to the dealership would not be a good idea as they had still not returned the messages from the previous day. we set up an apointment to meet with the lawyer the next week.


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