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Posted by zeakster on March 22, 2010

after scheduling the appointment we returned to our normal life thinking this will be a long drawn out affair. several hours later we received a call from the dealership. the store manager and cfo of the company wanted to talk. we went with mixed feelings only taking copies of our paperwork not knowing what would happen. at this point we thought it was the dealership.

the manager met us at the door and he took us back to an office where we met the cfo. they informed us the manager (i found out yesterday it was not an officer but the chief financial manager) had confessed to a 700 dollar theft. we then produced our paper work along with the banks paper work. things turned quickly. they compared the two with astonishment. they discovered there was a lot more going on than the 700 missing gap insurance.

it seems we were victims of our own good credit. the 700 was gone the price of the car had jumped by thousands the down payment a sizeable amount was cut in half the interest  rate was over a point lower and the warranty we purchased was cut in half. from what we can gather he knew from the start what he was going to do. he offered us a lower rate than our own bank thats for sure but he had actually gotten a really low rate. so in order to steal what he wanted he jacked up the price screwed around with the figures and with the actual loan rate  got the payments to within a penny of what was on the original contract. he then shredded our contract and sent the bank his along with our forged signatures at the bottom.

at this point our anger turned away from the dealership as it appeared to us they were the true victims at least monetarily. we were just the tool this guy used. doesnt feel any better but it did shift our focus. we could tell that this had hit the two people in front of us like a mallet to the face. ive never had someone apologise to me so many times not even my three year old.


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