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Posted by zeakster on March 22, 2010

LONG story short the dealership worked with us to get our affairs in order they will buy back the loan and we will start anew with our bank. they have also agreed to get us signed up for a fraud alert account after all this guy has all of our info. they informed us he would be fired after we left the building that was friday as of today he was still on their website. we have not called the dealership since we left. our biggest concern right now is that the dealership do the right thing and inform all their customers of the fraud. they need to find out who else is driving around town without their gap insurance and how many have bank work that is the same to their own paper work.

my anger is turning toward the fwpd who seem to be ignoring the story and my calls. the first officer told me to confront the people who committed the crime. i really dont think thats the role of the police department to tell people to police themselves. if i had gone in that first day there was a good chance i would have gone to jail. when i called ia to complain they transferred me to his boss who till this point still hasnt called me back. the prosecutors told us to go to a third detective who you got it still hasnt called us back.

tomorrow is a new day and ill have to start using new tactics. if the police ignore me perhaps they will not ignore the lawyer and perhaps the media.

just confirmed the man behind the fraud has indeed been fired is that enough? i dont think so, perhaps you disagree. i cant with good conscience screw all his other victims by remaining quite much longer.


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